6 feet exclusion 6P 10K A06-103 The resistor

6 feet exclusion 6P 10K A06-103 The resistor

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Exclusion (Network Resistor), namely the Network resistors (Wire wound Resistor). Exclusion is the combination of a number of resistance concentrations that are identical to each other. One of their pins joined together as public pins. The rest of the pins lead normally. So if a row resistance is made up of n resistors, then it has n plus 1 pins, and in general, the leftmost one is a public pin. It is usually marked with a color dot on the exclusion line. The exhaust resistance has the advantages of convenient assembly and high density. It has been widely used in TV sets, monitors, computer motherboards and small appliances. Exclusion usually has a common side, which is represented by a small white dot on the wrapper surface. Its color is usually black or yellow. Exclusion is generally used on digital circuits, such as the upper or lower resistance of a parallel port. Using exclusion is more convenient than using a number of fixed resistors.


Integrated a number of single resistors, internal methods can be connected in series, or in parallel; Simplify PCB board design, install more convenient, ensure SMT welding quality, reduce the volume of complete equipment

Impedance matching Impedance matching

?? Advantages: the impedance match has no effect on the signal at this level

?? Relationship: impedance is the sum of resistance and reactance on vectors

?? Impedance matching of load impedance to internal impedance of the power source

?? Impedance matching between load impedance and transmission line impedance

?? Impedance matching of load impedance and source resistance

?? Meet the impedance matching of high frequency circuits

Match the conditions of matching term

?? The load impedance is equal to the internal resistance of the source, i.e., the argument is equal to the modulus, and there is no distortion voltage transmission on the load impedance

?? The load impedance is equal to the conjugate value of the internal resistance of the source, whose modulus is equal and the sum of the argument is zero. Maximum power can be obtained on load impedance. This matching condition is called conjugate matching. If both the source and load impedance are pure resistance, the two matching conditions are equivalent

Exclusion characteristic

The resistance has directivity, and compared with the color ring resistance, it has the advantages of neatness and less space.

Drain pin instructions

The resistance between 1 and a 2 and b 3 with c 4 and d is 10 o, which has nothing to do with other pins. It's a row of resistors, in an original.

Some another male feet and is for the convenience of use, take the multimeter measure of public will find all the feet of resistance are nominal values, apart from the public foot resistance is the nominal value of arbitrary two legs twice, obviously any two feet is through public foot series, used in many occasions, convenient and pull resistance, such as parallel communication online, also save space.

10K A06-103